May 18-24: Heather

Lifestyle Questionnaire

Tell us a little bit about how you keep fit year round.

Nothing is ever constant in my life these days. Right now I'm travelling around the world with no itinerary and no set return home date. My goals are to see the world, experience local cultures and help out along the way. Instead of purposely exercising like I would back home, I'm looking for exercise with a purpose. A few weeks ago I spent 8 days in a village in Tanzania helping the local women collect water. We would walk 4 miles round trip, carrying a jerry can that weighed nearly 40lb when full of clean drinking water. That was a much better workout than any cross-fit class I've ever done!

What is your diet like? Any special requirements?

I'm vegetarian and gluten-free, but I occasionally eat fish.

What motivates you to stay fit and healthy?

The rest of the world is so much less sedentary than we are in the US. So just keeping up with local people and trying to fit in with their lifestyle has been my motivation.

Protein Powder

Why did you decide to start incorporating protein powder into your diet?

Well I guess it was my father that decided for me! He worries that I'm not eating a balanced diet while I'm away. There always seems to be a lot of fresh vegetables and grains wherever I go, but the protein can sometimes be a challenge. Whenever I'm planning to be in one place for a few weeks, my father sends me a few pouches of EidoPro.

Why did you choose EidoPro Protein Powder?

My father knows that I try to eat natural, organic foods whenever possible. When the first pouch arrived, he explained over video chat that this was the purest whey isolate he could find. He looked into soy and hemp protein but felt that digestibility was better with whey. I trust his judgement so gave it a try.

How do you use EidoPro Protein Powder now?

Each day I put one scoop into a resealable container and throw it in my bag. I don't always use it, but it is nice to know it is there for the days that I don't feel like I'm eating enough, or the food I'm offered isn't very filling. It's kind of become a fun challenge to see how many different ways I can mix a scoop into my diet. In Tanzania I've been adding it to vegetable soups. When I was in India I usually added it to fresh coconut water.

Daily Journal

This week I am in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I'm volunteering at a local school, teaching English and music.


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Purposeful exercise: Playing soccer with 8-10 year old children during their phys ed period; Escorting a group of children home on foot (2 miles round trip)

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Breakfast: Millet and bean stew

Lunch: 1 hard-boiled egg and coconut rice

Dinner: Coconut rice and vegetables

Snacks: 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder mixed with milk and mashed banana.


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Purposeful exercise: Painting the outside of the main school building; Sorting books for library from boxes of donated books; Dancing during music class

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Breakfast: Millet and bean stew, 1 orange

Lunch: 1 hard-boiled egg and coconut rice

Dinner: Cucumber soup with 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder

Snacks: Banana


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Purposeful exercise: Early morning market trip on foot for school cook; Escorting a group of children home on foot (2 miles round trip)

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Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs and 1 banana

Lunch: 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder with orange juice and a chocolate bar

Dinner: Vegetable kebabs, rice and beans

Snacks: Apple


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Purposeful exercise: Today I went for a jog near the beach - very enjoyable, even if it didn't help anyone!

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Breakfast: Millet stew

Lunch: 2 peanut butter and banana sandwiches (gluten-free millet & corn bread... actually more like a tortilla)

Dinner: Veggie samosas and coconut rice

Snacks: Apple, chocolate bar


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Purposeful exercise: Escorting a group of children home on foot (2 miles round trip); hide and seek with the children

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Breakfast: Hard boiled egg and millet stew

Lunch: Yam soup with 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder

Dinner: Fish curry with rice

Snacks: "tortilla" with peanut butter, apple


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Purposeful exercise: Road a bicycle cart full of shoes to a market for a local vendor at 4am!

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Breakfast: Hard boiled egg, "tortilla" with peanut butter

Lunch: Veggie stew with rice

Dinner: Kebabs and soup (not sure what was in the soup, but I threw in 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder for good measure)

Snacks: Almonds, plantain


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Purposeful exercise: Laundry at the school (washing by hand and hanging to dry)

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Breakfast: Hard boiled egg, "tortilla" with peanut butter

Lunch: Banana & pineapple smoothie

Dinner: Roasted yams, coconut rice, beans

Snacks: Gluten-free seed cookies

There isn't a lot of variety in the local cuisine here in Tanzania. The bigger city does have more options of western-style food, but I'm living at the school (it is a local school, not international) so I'm eating a lot of the same food the other teachers, staff and students eat. I'll be here for another 2 months, and then I think I'll head south to Malawi. Next week, Alberto will be featured on EidoPro.com!

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