June 1-7: Gavin

Lifestyle Questionnaire

Tell us a little bit about how you keep fit year round.

I keep fit by constantly setting new goals, training, achieving and moving on to the next one. Right now I'm in the early stages of training for an ultramarathon - 50 miles. My schedule involves a lot of running and some strength training in the gym. I usually throw in a few cross-fit classes as well so I don't get bored. This week I'm not on assignment so I'll be home and hopefully able to stick to my schedule.

What is your diet like? Any special requirements?

No limitations. My wife is an amazing cook so I eat well!

What motivates you to stay fit and healthy?

As a freelance writer I'm always chasing a new story, and that usually literally means chasing. I don't ever want to be held back from pursuing a great story by my physical limitations. I'm a huge fan of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek who is currently walking from Ethiopia to the southern tip of South America for a 7-year story. I follow his blog and it keeps me motivated.

Protein Powder

Why did you decide to start incorporating protein powder into your diet?

Last month I was in Peru, hiking in the Andes for a story. The photographer I was working with had recently done an ultramarathon and he told me protein powder is the best way to repair muscle damage while training. He said he trained for an ultra and was too injured to actually participate in the race. He tried again a few years later and kept the same training regimen but added protein powder to his diet. That time, he was successful.

Why did you choose EidoPro Protein Powder?

This photographer had a few pouches in his pack because it comes in such a portable size. He offered me a few scoops throughout our 2 weeks together and I liked how well it dissolved in any kind of liquid. I was also impressed with the branched-chain amino acid profile - BCCAAs (particularly leucine) are critical for muscle maintenance. When I got home, I set up my monthly delivery on Amazon.

How do you use EidoPro Protein Powder now?

One scoop added to a creative smoothie.

Daily Journal


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Training: Easy run day: 5 miles

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Breakfast: Smoothie: Spinach, mango, turmeric, water, ice and 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder, and 2 huge bran muffins

Lunch: Gourmet burger with peanut butter and bacon, fries and an apple

Dinner: Salmon, rice, green beans, salad

Snacks: Seed and nut cookies, banana, 2 donuts


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Training: 90 minute strength circuit in the gym, followed by a light 30 minute jog

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Breakfast: Smoothie: Kale, pineapple, cucumber, cayenne, water, ice and 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder, and 2 huge bran muffins

Lunch: Two salmon sandwiches and a banana

Dinner: Burritos, refried beans, tortilla chips and queso

Snacks: Granola bar, apple, another bran muffin


alt tag

Training: Hill run - 6 miles

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Breakfast: Yogurt parfait with Greek yogurt, granola and apple/butternut squash puree

Lunch: Four-egg omelet with mushrooms, spinach, cheese, peppers and turkey sausage

Dinner: Butter chicken, naan bread, vegetable biryani

Snacks: Smoothie: Pineapple, banana, coconut water and 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder and a blueberry muffin


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Training: Repeat of Tuesday, minus the jog

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Breakfast: Smoothie: Kale, pineapple, cucumber, cayenne, water, ice and 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder, and cold cereal with almond milk

Lunch: Grilled steak salad and cheese toast

Dinner: Greek chicken and spinach burger with a side of roasted sweet potatoes

Snacks: Granola bar, apple, trail mix


alt tag

Training: Rest day

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Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, oatmeal pancakes

Lunch: Chicken souvlaki, pitas, Greek salad, potatoes

Dinner: Spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread, Cesar salad

Snacks: Granola bar, apple, popcorn


alt tag

Training: Long run: 21 miles

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Breakfast: Smoothie: Pineapple, banana, spinach, coconut water and 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder, and a granola bar

Lunch: Egg salad sandwich

Dinner: Steak, potato salad, strawberry and spinach salad, double baked potato

Snacks: Dark chocolate bar, grilled cheese sandwich


alt tag

Training: Cross fit class and 2 mile jog

alt tag

Breakfast: Waffles with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt

Lunch: Roasted pumpkin mac n cheese

Dinner: Roast beef, spaghetti squash, Cesar salad, bread

Snacks: Smoothie: Peach, almond milk and 1 scoop EidoPro Protein Powder, blueberry muffin

I really enjoyed an entire week at home with my family! Training went well - I was able to stick to my schedule and didn't have any setbacks. Next week I'll be moving into the building phase where the long run is 25 miles. Dalia is our final Lifestyle Ambassador - make sure you check out her story starting tomorrow!alt tag

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