EidoPro Lifestyle Ambassadors (#ELA)

Follow along on twitter (@eidopro) and on our website ( where we will feature the daily diet and fitness regimen of each of our six EidoPro Lifestyle Ambassadors during a special six-week series.

Meet the Team

We are very pleased to introduce our team of EidoPro Lifestyle Ambassadors. People often make the mistake of thinking that protein powder is only for bodybuilders and professional athletes. We've assembled this team to prove to you that anyone can benefit from adding all-natural protein powder to their diet.

Check back frequently, starting May 4, when each ambassador's profile will be unlocked on the date listed below their photo. During their feature week, they will share with us their daily diet and fitness regimen, including the surprising ways they incorporate EidoPro Protein Powder into their diet. Follow along on twitter so you don't miss any updates!

May 4-10

May 25-31

May 11-17

June 1-7

May 18-24

June 8-14

Fitness is about finding activities you enjoy. Our ambassadors will share some great ways to make exercise enjoyable.

Moderation and consistency are often overlooked when planning a healthy diet. No raw, vegan diets or juice cleansing here!

Protein may be the missing piece to your healthy living puzzle. Read the unique stories of how each ambassador discovered protein powder.

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